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Surfing holidays Morocco Learn to surf or improve your surfing in Morocco with professional surf camps, surf clinics and guided surfing holidays


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With budget airlines EasyJet and RyanAir operating regular flights to Agadir now has never been a better time to join us for some sun and surf at our "All Inclusive Surf Camp" or "Self Catering Surfing Holidays" in the Taghazoute and Tamraght areas of Morocco. See details below.

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Suitable for single travellers & friends
Popular Surf Camp located in Tamraght a small hillside hamlet with stunning panoramic views to the ocean and coast. Great vibe, traditional Moroccan house, legendary Moroccan cuisine, Surf School, Guided Surfaris & all transport.

Surfing holidays in Tamraght, Morocco
Prices from: 390 € pppw Tamraght Surfing Holidays, Surf Camp and Surf School
Surfing holidays in Taghazoute, Morocco


Suitable for couples, friends & families
Our self catering Surfing Holidays in the surfing mecca of Taghazoute combine oceanside apartments with incredible views to Hash & Anchor Point, Surf Coaching, Guided Surfaris & transport.

Prices from: 450 € pppw
Taghazoute Surfing Holidays, Surf Camp and Surf School
Surfing holidays in aourir (banana village), Morocco

Banana village (Aourir)

Suitable for singles, couples, friends
A small Amazigh village renown for it's banana souk (market). The modern guesthouse accommodation within walking distance to beach & surf. The village has a modern mini-market, ATM machine, bakery, restaurants, telephones, internet cafe... Great surf in the area from reefs to beachbreaks.

Please consult the ZOCO team
Surfing holidays in Killer Point, Morocco

Killer point (Taghazoute)

Suitable for those looking for a luxury holiday
These luxury apartments are situated on the best possible surfing spots Morocco has to offer, literally meters away from the world famous Killer Point and 100 meters from Anchor point. The Mill breaks right in front of the swimming pool. 1km from the village of Taghazout & 20 Minutes from Agadir.

Please consult the ZOCO team

Zoco now offer surfing holidays in Morocco at all the top surfing regions in the country from Agadir to Essaouira. Enjoy tried-and-tested surfing holidays at some of Morocco's most famous surf spots including Panorama's, Anchor point, Killer point, Boilers, Immessouane, Safi, Racelafaa and more...

Which of our surfing holidays in Morocco is best for you?
We offer Learn to surf holidays or 'Surf Camps' for beginners at fully accredited Moroccan surf schools with professonal surfing lessons and courses from fully qualified surfing coaches.

Our Surf Clinic holidays are aimed at intermediate & advanced surfers while our personal Guided Surfing Holidays or 'Surfaris' for experienced surfers.

We also offer a range of Luxury Surfing Holidays for those surfers we need a little pampering as well as a good selection of combined surfing and adventure activities. These holidays include: Surfing & Yoga Retreats, Surfing & Sandboarding, Surfing & quad biking, Surfing & Golfing...

Salam Alaikum spacer

المملكة المغربية Al-Mamlaka al-Maghribiyya

The Kingdom of Morocco, is a country in North Africa with a population of 33,241,259. It has a long coast on the Atlantic Ocean that reaches past the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea. Morocco has international borders with Algeria to the east, Spain to the north (a water border through the Strait and land borders with two small Spanish exclaves, Ceuta and Melilla), and Western Sahara or Mauritania to the south.

Although technically part of another continent, Morocco has been part of the European surfers' season since the 1970's. Now one of surfing's ultimate winter destinations, the line-ups from Agadir to Safi are a vibrant mix of surfers from all over Europe with a few Ozzies, South Africans and Americans thrown in for good measure.


Whatever you call it (see below), Morocco is the ultimate winter getaway for European surfers following the sun.

The right hand point breaks in Morocco have to be seen to be believed. We all know that as surfers we tend to exaggerate (a little) when relating our surf adventures but this is one country where there is no need for exaggeration, there are endless walling, tubing, spitting right handers that fire for weeks at a time and deliver some of the longest rides and tubes imaginable. The coastline around the Agadir area is riddled with spots. If you are struggling to get waves in a crowded lineup move a few hundred feet up or down the coast and you'll find good quality empty waves. If you don't find an empty, good quality wave to surf here, you are either blind or lazy or both.

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Most countries of the world have different names in different languages. Some countries have also undergone name changes for political or other reasons. This list offers some of the alternative names for Morocco. It does not offer any opinion about what the "original", "official", "real", or "correct" name of Morocco is or was.

Fas (Turkish), al-Maghrib - المغرب (Arabic), Maghribi (Malay), Maracó (Irish), Marakesh - مراكش (Persian), Maroc (French, Romanian, Romansh), Marocco (Italian), Marochium (Latin variant), Marocko (Swedish), Marocum (Latin), Maroka (Latvian), Marokas (Lithuanian), Marokk (Maltese), Marokko (Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, German, Norwegian), Marokko - Марокко (Russian), Marokkó (Hungarian), Maroko (Czech, Esperanto, Estonian, Indonesian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Võro), Maroko - Мароко (Bulgarian), Maroko - מאַראָקאָ (Yiddish), Maroko - מרוקו (Hebrew), Maróko - Μαρόκο (Greek), Maroku (Albanian), el Marroc (Catalan), Marrocos (Portuguese), Marruecos (Spanish), Mərakeş (Azeri), Moroco (Welsh), Morògo (Scots Gaelic), Móluògē - 摩洛哥 (Chinese), Morokko - モロッコ (Japanese), Moroko - 모로코 (Korean), Marokkó - (Icelandic), Morocco - โมร็อกโก (Thai)

Yeah, but where in the world is Morocco?

Morocco is highlighted in red on the map below. The lighter red area on the map shows Western Sahara, most of which is administered by Morocco as its 'Southern Provinces'. Its sovereignty, however, is currently in dispute.

For a closer view simply click anywhere on the map.

click to view a larger map of Morocco

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Surfing holidays in Morocco

Capital: Rabat
Largest city: Casablanca
Official anguage: Arabic
Other languages:
Moroccan Arabic is the spoken dialect. Amazigh (berber), Spanish and French are also widely spoken.
Area: 446,550 km² 172,414 sq miles
Population: 33,241,259 Currency: Moroccan dirham (MAD)
Calling code: +212

Morocco Weblinks:
Marokko Startkabel
Marokko Portal

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